Outdoor Experience Offsite Checklist

This checklist is for teachers / leaders heading out on on side / front-country day trip.

Go Sheets

These Go-Sheets establish a standard of practice for leaders. We have established one for Hiking and for Biking and more will be on the way!

Emergency Response Plan (ERP) template: Below is an example of an ERP that has been developed over the years. This is a standard for all back-country field events and it can be adapted for side-country events. It is important to emphasize that its the very process of creating an ERP which informs a safety focused field experience.

Emergency Response Plan

Gear Lists

Being prepared is fundamental to a positive learning experience. Participant preparedness is also a key ingredient in a solid risk management approach. Follow the links for specific program gear lists.

LEAP Gear List CMA Gear List

C&NN's Tools & Resources for Educators

Tools for teaching from the Natural Teachers Network.

The Green Teacher:  Education for Planet Earth (Magazine)

Green Teacher is a magazine that helps youth educators enhance environmental and global education inside and outside of schools.  This affordable, quarterly magazine comes with fifty pages of ideas and activities. Issues contain ideas for rethinking education in light of environmental and global challenges, practical articles and ready-to-use activities for various age levels from 6-18, and resource reviews. 

Personalized Learning

This document outlines some of our work with project-based and place-based personalized education.

Directions in Outdoor Learning

This Collaborative Vision of Outdoor Learning in the Powell River School District is a report from April 2012.

Outdoor Learning in the Powell River School District

This document is a celebration of existing outdoor learning opportunities within the Powell River School District. This overview will not only capture the many dynamic and unique individual programs, but it will showcase the big picture of Outdoor and Environmental Learning in the District.

β€œThe intrinsic worth of the LEAP program is self evident; it is
ecologically oriented, experiential, sustainable and progressive,
making education fun and relevant when it is so often the opposite
for many students. But what is so often missed is that programs
such as this one show public education in general how it
must continue to dynamically respond to changing social conditions.
As such, this program serves the broader needs of public education.”
— Christopher Beeman, PhD, Queens University