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Alumni Profile

Keilan Guild

Student at Vancouver Island University.

Currently finishing her first year at Vancouver Island University, Keilan notes CMA as providing her with skills in leadership communication and problem solving as being the key to her success in this new environment. Keilan intends to utilizes these skills to pursue the outdoors as part of her life.

“One of the most important things CMA taught me was how important building a connection with environment and nature is, which I rely on to ground me.”

Alumni Profile


Graham May

story teller, environmental scientist, law student

After CMA, Graham received a full scholarship to Mount Allison University. Leadership skills from LEAP & CMA helped Graham found 2 NGOs: the Youth Arctic Coalition and GrassRoutes Biking. In 2015 he was named Canada’s Top Young Environmentalist by Starfish Canada.

“LEAP was a watershed in my life. The relationships, training, and confidence helped me go places and do things I could never have expected.”

Devin Knox smile.jpeg

Alumni Profile

Devin knox

“CMA was a turning point for a more mindful and passionate future”

Devin spent the year after CMA travelling and volunteering in rural India. After elephant rescue work in Southeast Asia, she will return to Vancouver to complete a yoga instruction course and study holistic nutrition.

“CMA taught me to fully dive into an experience, not to hold back,” Devin says, “My independence has grown tremendously and I am more open and confident”

Krista Cawley kayak.jpg

Alumni Profile

Krista cawley

kayak guide, environmental scientist

Krista put CMA skills and certifications to work in adventure tourism and outdoor education. She recently completed a UBC science degree, including a year whitewater kayaking in Chile.

“The skills I learned in CMA have applied to every aspect of my life. They gave me vision and direction in the outdoor industry, and encouraged me to think deeply about myself."

Mackenzie Guild relay.jpg

Alumni Profile

Mackenzie guild

bc summer games gold medalist

Mackenzie credits LEAP for “a whole new attitude towards competing” that helped secure a silver medal at the BC Summer Games 2016.

“My best memory of LEAP is sitting on the bow of our schooner in what felt like a monsoon. With the rain came a sudden hush. All we could hear was rain breaking the surface of ocean. It was in this moment that I fully appreciated the natural beauty where I live.”

Alumni Profile

Tao Werner

world cyclist, LEAP Apprentice, CHangemaker


Tao has ridden his bicycles more places than most. His recent adventure took him from Vancouver Island to San Fransisco California. Last year Tao worked as a LEAP Apprentice sharing his knowledge, skills, and many talents with LEAPers after completing the semester long CMA program. He inspires us to live each day to its fullest and send it!

"CMA took me further than I ever imagined! Quite literally! Over the duration of 3 weeks I rode my bicycle from Vancouver Island, BC to San Francisco, CA. The 2000 Kms would've been a much greater distance if it weren't for CMA"