What is LEAP?

LEAP is 9 days of transformational, outdoor living and learning!

The Leadership Ecology Adventure Program (LEAP) provides kids from around the world with a hands-on, summer outdoor immersion. For over 10 years we have been offering this exceptional experience that provides participants with a sampling of outdoor activities while developing their leadership skills and gaining knowledge of both environmental issues and local ecology.  LEAP is a dynamic and experiential program that focuses on both the hard and soft skills associated with living well and being in the outdoors. During the 9 day residential program, students will have countless opportunities to positively interact with each other while creating memories to last a lifetime. Who ever thought school could be so cool!

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Please find all of the student documents and forms here.



why LeaP? 

  • Simply put - LEAP will surely be the best experience of your summer.

  • Earn 4 Secondary School Credits in Leadership Studies

  • It’s an amazing adventure! Learn to Sail, canoe, paddle-board, rock-climb, hike etc

  • Make new friends from around the world

  • Deepen your understanding of BC History and Ecology

  • Learn valuable interpersonal wilderness travel skills.

  • Un-plug from those devices and build meaningful relationships with yourself, others and nature.

  • Learn to be a better steward of Planet Earth!

A multi-day Wilderness Journey is at the core of the LEAP experience. Trip options may include:

  • LEAP Aboard: Sailing trip on the Salish Sea

  • LEAP Voyageur: A Big Canoe Trip on the Salish sea or Powell River Canoe Route

  • LEAP SUP: A Stand Up Paddle Adventure

  • LEAP Trail: A hiking trip on the Sunshine Coast Trail

LEAP is taught by a team of inspired teachers and outdoor educators who have a breadth of experience in outdoor and experiential learning.  


the finer details

2019 - July 1st - July 9th

Cost: Powell River students $495; BC Students $595, International students $1,495

Limited student bursaries available for Powell River students - please inquire!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am graduating from school this June.  Can I still take LEAP in July?

Sure - if you are under age 18 - why not?!  

I am enrolled in high school but live outside British Columbia.  Am I eligible to receive the 4 credits in Applied Leadership Studies 11 or 12?

The transferability of the 4 credits in Applied Leadership Studies 11 or 12 is left to the discretion of your high school’s guidance department.  Once you have completed LEAP, a letter will be sent to your high school outlining the course and your grade in the course.  Your school will decide from there whether or not these credits will be applied to your high school transcript.   


Can we use LEAP for our Duke of Edinburgh, Adventurous Journey?

Yes indeed! We love working with the great people at the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. LEAP educators are able to support you through your Adventurous Journey (as well as Skills, Physical Rec and Gold Project) as well as your Practice Journey. Remember, this is a leadership award so the responsibility to meet the qualifications is yours. You can register here.


What gear will I need?

Great question!  Please see our Gear List for all the details.


I am concerned about my child’s welfare during LEAP.  What are the safety procedures in place during LEAP?

Staff members take risk management very seriously.  All our programs use the Association for Experiential Education’s (AEE) safety accreditation standards.  We have Emergency Response Plans (ERP) for every activity and site.  Our staff members are certified in either Essential Wilderness First Aid (40 hours) or Advanced Wilderness First Aid (100 hours).  Knowledge of our students’ medical history is informed through our medical form.  Staff members do background research on all medical conditions, including working with a physician to advise us on student medical conditions.  In the rare event of an evacuation from the back country (i.e. hikes and canoe trips), leaders carry 2 first aid kits, communication devices, and an In-Reach locator.  Furthermore, student safety is fundamentally a shared responsibility and self-care is an important leadership skill.  As a result, wilderness safety is an academic unit we cover with students. This unit focuses on self-care, preparedness, risk-awareness, and prevention. We begin this unit as soon as students arrive and continue the unit throughout LEAP.    The safety and well-being of your child is of paramount importance to us! 

Is there an application deadline?

No.  There is no application deadline.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Our advice is to apply early as there is always a wait-list

Do you have to have had any previous experience in the specific activity before coming to LEAP?

No, you do not need to have experience. All of our programs meet participants "where they are at" and support their growth from there. Be prepared to play and learn at the edge of your comfort zone but know that you will be supported each step along the way.

Are limited spots available in the LEAP program for students from outside of BC?

There is no limit to the number of students from outside of BC at this point in time.



Little did I know that LEAP would be the best week of my life;
transforming me into a better leader, individual and steward of the environment
— Anton, LEAP 2010
“The intrinsic worth of the LEAP program is self evident; it is
ecologically oriented, experiential, sustainable and progressive,
making education fun and relevant when it is so often the opposite
for many students. But what is so often missed is that programs
such as this one show public education in general how it
must continue to dynamically respond to changing social conditions.
As such, this program serves the broader needs of public education.”
— Christopher Beeman, PhD, Queens University