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The CMA Experience…

  • Coast Mountain Academy (CMA) is an enriched outdoor education program which focuses on character development through Leadership, Citizenship and Outdoor Adventure.

  • CMA is a dual-credit program between Brooks Secondary School and Thomson River University. The program is offered at the Senior Secondary to 2nd year university levels.

  • CMA offers students from BC & around the world a unique opportunity to build skills & earn certifications which prepare them for fantastic employment opportunities and further studies.  Our graduates can be found doing amazing things all over the world. 

  • CMA is a semester-long, cohort program offered on the Northern Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.



Why CMA?

There are countless reasons to enroll in CMA!

1. Develop and enhance your leadership capacity
2. Engage and serve the local and global community
3. Acquire the necessary hard skills and certifications to find employment
4. Develop skills associated with wellness and healthy choices
5. Learn outside in a classroom without walls
6. Develop bio-geographic and geo-climatic knowledge of the region  
7. Learn alongside industry partners and potential employers
8. Develop your sense of self-determination
9. Enhance your environmental awareness and sustainability skills
10. Act as a role model and mentor to younger students
11. Paddle, climb, hike, bike, build fires, act, share, play music, break and fix
    things, learn, teach, smile, laugh, cry and Live the Adventure!

The Coast Mountain Academy has opened me
to different opportunities and challenges
I would never have participated in before.
It has showed me how to think
outside of the box and to have fun
with everything.
— Kelly, CMA Alumni

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Potential Credits

Physical Education 11 or 12 credits 4

Work Experience 11 or 12 credits 4

Adventure Tourism 11 & 12 credits 8

Leadership Studies 11 or 12 credits 4

English (optional)11 or 12 credits 4

Graduation Transitions 12 credits 4

Total possible credits 28


  • Outdoor Leadership Skills

  • Flat Water Sea Kayak, Paddle Canada

  • Level 1 Sea Kayak, Paddle Canada

  • Wilderness First Aid (40 hours)

  • Occupational First Aid

  • Foodsafe

  • Avalanche Safety Training Level 1

  • VHF Radio Operator, Industry Canada

  • Small Craft Operator, Coast Guard

  • Toastmasters

  • Streamkeepers, Counsellor in Training

The Coast Mountain Academy (CMA) has been, for me, a transformative program, and a high point of my life so far. I have grown in knowledge, understanding, and ability. My horizons have been expanded, my potential as a human and as a leader has increased, my character has developed, and my skills have multiplied. I can now look back, five months later, as a stronger, wiser, more skilled and more confident person.
— Graham, CMA Alumni