Let's Talk Trash PR

The Let’s Talk Trash team is an initiative of the Powell River Regional District’s Waste Management Education Program. They have been key partners on many projects.

Outdoor Council of Canada

The purpose of the Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC) is to ensure that the long-standing Canadian tradition of connection with, and involvement in, the natural world is maintained and nurtured in practical and accessible ways.

The Urban Farmer

The Urban Farmer is a small business providing permaculture design, urban agriculture and organic gardening services to individuals, families and communities throughout Canada and beyond. Rooted in the philosophy and practice of permaculture, their expertise lies in stimulating the capacity for local food production, bio-diversity, and community development in urban, peri-urban and small-scale rural settings.

Classrooms to Communities (C2C)

The C2C Network is working to grow teacher leadership and mentorship capacity for place-based education and environmental literacy through a suite of local strategies, events and activities.

The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM)               Canada’s only national, bilingual, and charitable network for environmental learning. EECOM works strategically and collaboratively to advance environmental learning. We strive to ensure Canadians are environmentally literate…which means we’reengaged in environmental stewardship and contributing to a healthy, sustainable future.

Environmental Educators PSA (EEPSA)

EEPSA is a dynamic volunteer organization promoting networking, curriculum support, and leadership in environmental education supported by the British Columbia Teachers Federation. Teachers can book fantastic professional development workshops through EEPSA.

The Green Teacher:  Education for Planet Earth (Magazine)

Green Teacher is a magazine that helps youth educators enhance environmental and global education inside and outside of schools.  This affordable, quarterly magazine comes with fifty pages of ideas and activities. Issues contain ideas for rethinking education in light of environmental and global challenges, practical articles and ready-to-use activities for various age levels from 6-18, and resource reviews. 

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was founded in 1956 by His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh K.G. K.T. The Award came to Canada in 1963 and currently runs in 130 countries around the world. It's a program that encourages youth to be active, to participate in new activities and pursue current interests in four different areas.  

FUN Camps

The FUN (Friends Uniting for Nature) Society of Vancouver is a non-profit organization that runs summer day camps for youth aged 8-16 on the UBC campus. They teach youth about the environment, sustainability and leadership. The focus is on fun, hands-on education and giving participants the skills they need to become leaders in their own communities.

BC Green Games
The BC Green Games is a new contest asking young people like you to document and share environmental actions that you and your friends are doing in your school and community.

Environmental Educators Provincial Specialist Association

EEPSA is a dynamic volunteer organization promoting networkingcurriculum support, and leadership in environmental education.

Powell River Community Sustainability Project

The Powell River Community Sustainability Project web site contains supporting materials and links for this project, contact information, and more.

Terracentric Coastal Adventures Ltd (TCA)

Terracentric Coastal Adventures Ltd. specializes in getting people out and about and exploring our beautiful and awe-inspiring natural environment.  TCA is a key partner with SD47 and is responsible for the operation of the Outdoor Learning Center.

“The intrinsic worth of the LEAP program is self evident; it is
ecologically oriented, experiential, sustainable and progressive,
making education fun and relevant when it is so often the opposite
for many students. But what is so often missed is that programs
such as this one show public education in general how it
must continue to dynamically respond to changing social conditions.
As such, this program serves the broader needs of public education.”
— Christopher Beeman, PhD, Queens University